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Power Mobility Scooters

Elderly woman smiling on a mobility scooter at the airport, with a man grabbing a suitcase

Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy carries the widest selection of industry-leading power mobility scooters.

Maintaining your quality of life and independence both inside and outside of the home is a top priority for our team. From socializing and enjoying the day at your assisted living facility to exploring the world on a long trip or vacation, Letourneau’s Pharmacy proudly offers the best in power mobility scooters! Our showroom has a wide variety of styles to shop for, including all-terrain mobility scooters and the industry-leading best lightweight mobility scooter.

Choosing Your Power Mobility Scooter

Just like any big investment, it’s important to consider all factors when selecting your power mobility device. What do you want to accomplish with this purchase? Which scooter will provide the greatest degree of comfort, safety, and performance? Who is going to be loading the power mobility scooter in and out of the car? At Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy, you can rely on our experience to help make the best decision possible for your power mobility scooter purchase!

We always have staff available to demonstrate our power mobility scooters, but we know it can sometimes be difficult to coordinate a trip to our store, especially when a need for improved mobility is the reason for your search! To maximize your time, or if you want to start with a virtual demonstration, please feel free to reserve your personal consultation with a sales team member!

Transporting Your Scooter

LCP is thrilled to now offer the GoLite Lift to our power mobility scooter and chair customers! This portable, lightweight power scooter and chair lift now makes transporting your mobility device easier than ever!

  • Lifts up to 100 lbs
  • Fits in the trunk, hatch or backseat
  • Weighs only 23 lbs!
  • Does not attach to your vehicle
  • Has onboard lithium-ion battery

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Scooters and Medicare

Did you know that Medicare only covers mobility aids as rentals, which means you are not guaranteed a new unit or the option of picking the exact model you want? Physicians are required to prove your need for these aids to navigate important areas of your home, which often involves an in-person examination, a letter of medical necessity and even physical therapy notes. Obtaining approval from Medicare for power mobility equipment can take a long time, and there are no guarantees. Letourneau’s Pharmacy has opted out of the Medicare option to allow our clients access to the best power mobility scooters that suit their needs.

Delivery and Service

You can count on us for flawless ordering, delivery, setup, and service! Our showroom contains hand-picked high quality chairs and all terrain mobility scooters. We are very selective with our vendors and only partner with manufacturers that provide the highest quality products and services. We also offer in-house full-service repair by certified technicians!

For more information on our Andover, MA, compounding pharmacy or home medical equipment, please give us a call or schedule a free consultation.
Virtual and in-person consultations are available!

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