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An image of a woman using iReliev TENS products on her back, with text overlaid that reads, “Relief & Relaxation Begins Here - All natural solutions to bring your body back into balance”

iReliev Therapy Care

iReliev therapy care means high-quality, accessible, prescription-grade pain relief at affordable prices. All of our devices are FDA-cleared for home use and offer medical-grade therapy.

Because iReliev products are all topical devices utilizing therapeutic methods of pain management, they pair well with existing physical therapy and sports medicine regimens. iReliev’s line of products offers accessible ways for people to aid in their muscle recovery, provide their own professional levels of treatment for chronic pain, heal injuries safely, and accommodate painful disabilities.

iReliev Therapy Care Products at Leatourneaus’s Pharmacy

Letourneau’s Pharmacy, Inc. carries products from iReliev in the following categories:


An iReliev product box and displayed components of the iRecover TENS System

Ems Devices

The iReliev TENS + EMS Therapeutic Wearable System

Leg & Foot Air Compression Systems

The iReliev Leg & Foot Air Compression System boots and components

Percussion Massagers

The iReliev percussion massage gun and accessories

Heating Pads

The iReliev weighted heating pad and remote with travel bag

Talk with a Letourneau’s Pharmacy staff member today to receive expert guidance on which iReliev products will be best suited for your specific needs. Our team can help you choose the right iReliev therapy care products and explain how to use these pain management tools both safely and for maximum efficacy.

Similarly, we delight in working with our partners in the medical care community. If you are a medical provider searching for more ways to help your patients, we will be happy to talk with you about our iReliev options and how you can empower your patients to make expertly-informed choices. All of our iReliev products are additional tools that will not require a prescription and can integrate into an existing healthcare plan.

Book a consultation with us today or contact us so that we can better assist you in your journey to feeling better.

An assortment of iReliev products, including TENS, a percussion massager, heating pad, Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack, gels and roll-ons


Individual users and medical practitioners alike speak highly of the ease of use and knowledgeable customer care for all of our iReliev therapy care products. Read reviews of our iReliev products to find the best devices for your pain management plan, budget, and lifestyle.

Will Morris
Will Morris
April 17, 2024
I made it a rule to get vaccinated at Letourneau's Pharmacy for several reasons: First of - calm and relaxing atmosphere, secondly(or maybe firstly) polite and friendly personnel, thirdly never crowds of customers and never time to waste to get served and last but not least - highly experienced doctors. My special gratitude and appreciation for immaculate vaccination are to DR BAGDASARIAN. Her medical skills are unparalleled. I already recommended Letourneau's Pharmacy to all my friends, relatives and neighbors. Thank you, Guys! You are the Best!
Michelle Vaira
Michelle Vaira
April 6, 2024
I love this compounding pharmacy. Very helpful with great communication on costs and availability. Highly recommend this location.
Jennifer Mansfield
Jennifer Mansfield
April 3, 2024
Very responsive, kind and knowledgeable staff!
Lisa Vaughn
Lisa Vaughn
April 2, 2024
Very nice and respectful. They got my medicine done fast even though I was impatient. They helped me in details and made me understand everything before leaving.
taylor greene
taylor greene
March 29, 2024
Steven is very knowledgeable & informed , guided us to right chair for my dad. The delivery was right on time at the early end of the projected time. Great experience and very helpful when dealing with elderly issues.
Cindy Rowbotham
Cindy Rowbotham
March 29, 2024
Fast and easy! I needed a hospital bed for my mom asap! They had exactly what I needed. The team from start to finish was extremely helpful and sympathetic to my needs. The bed was delivered that afternoon. The bed was set up quickly and safely. They were very respectful and explained everything to me.

Letourneau’s: Your Trusted Neighborhood Pharmacy

Letourneau’s Pharmacy has remained a small, family-owned business, proudly serving Andover and the surrounding area since 1926. 

We thoroughly review every product and work with partners like iReliev to offer the latest and greatest devices for health and quality of life. Visit us today for unmatched customer service and quality care for you and your loved ones.

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