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Pediatric Compounded Medications

We know that getting your child to take medication can be difficult enough, but what if it is unavailable in a liquid form, or they have allergies and dietary restrictions on top of that? At Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy we can accommodate for allergies such as corn, gluten, casein, soy, lactose, parabens, preservatives, and dyes, and for dietary restrictions including sugar, and carbohydrates. We can compound for patients with flavor and texture disturbances, the ketogenic diet, and other intolerances. We carry a wide variety of flavors for medications to meet your child’s taste preferences.

Pediatric Compound Categories

  • Diaper rash
  • GERD and reflux
  • Seizure disorders
  • Oral Vancomycin
  • Hydroxyurea
  • Sleep and behavioral issues
  • Cardiology, hepatology, transplant and more!
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