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At Letourneau's Compounding Pharmacy, we understand that mobility is not just about movement—it's about reclaiming independence and living life to the fullest. Whether you're navigating the great outdoors or maneuvering through indoor spaces, our range of power chairs and scooters is designed to enhance your mobility and independence. Each product in our selection is carefully chosen from top manufacturers to ensure comfort, reliability, and ease of use.

Mobility Scooter vs. Chair: Which is Best for You?

Choosing the right mobility device is a crucial step towards enhancing your lifestyle. Both power scooters and power chairs offer distinct advantages tailored to different needs and preferences.
Zero Turn 8 Scooter

Power Scooter

Electric Vehicle

Power scooters are stylish, compact, and easy-to-operate vehicles ideal for outdoor use and active lifestyles.
  • Compact design, ideal for tight spaces
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Easy maneuverability and stylish design
Golden Cricket Power Chair Electric Wheelchair

Power Chair

Electric Wheelchair

Power chairs are motorized wheelchairs with superior maneuverability and customized seats.
  • Advanced technology for precise control
  • Customizable seating for comfort
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use

Power Chairs & Scooters Benefits

  • Enhance Independence: Freedom to move around independently - where you want, when you want
  • Comfortable Seating: Ergonomically designed seats, ensuring a comfortable and supportive experience
  • Reduce Fatigue: Reduce the physical strain and exhaustion on your body
  • Improve Quality of Life: Enjoy a more active lifestyle, and better physical and mental well-being
  • Stay Connected: Enjoy social activities and maintain relationships without mobility limitations
  • Safety: Enhanced stability and security compared to traditional manual wheelchairs or walking aids

Discover Our Range of Power Mobility Devices

Power Scooter

Power Chair


Golden Technologies
The Golden Cricket combines robust performance with exceptional comfort, featuring a large, comfortable seat and powerful motor designed for various terrains.
  • Easy foldability for convenient transport and storage
  • Durable construction with a focus on reliability
  • Smooth maneuverability and stability
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
Weight Capacity:  300 lbs
Length: 36.6″
Width: 22.5″
Operating Range: 9.3 miles
Maximum Speed: 3.7 mph

Jazzy Carbon

Pride Mobility
The Jazzy Carbon combines lightweight carbon fiber technology with a compact design, making it the ultimate portable power chair. Perfect for active users, it offers both style and performance for on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame
  • Compact and easily foldable
  • Comfortable seating with adjustable footrest
  • User-friendly joystick control
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery technology
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Top Speed: 3.7 mph
Driving Range: Up to 9.3 miles
Turning Radius: 24.25 inches
Overall Weight: 43.6 lbs (without battery)
Battery: 24V, 18AH lithium-ionb

Compass™ Sport

Golden Technologies
The Golden Compass™ Sport features a stylish, sleek design built for maneuverability both indoors and out with durable, solid color injected plastic shrouds in red or blue for a sporty new look.

It offers a range of comfortable seat sizes available in 16”, 18” and 20” standard widths and an upgraded 22” wide seat.
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Top Speed: 4 mph
Driving Range: Up to 19.5 miles
Turning Radius: 24 inches
Overall Weight: 185 lbs (with batteries)
Battery: Two 22 NF batteries

Whill C2

The WHILL Model C2 is an innovative, portable power chair that combines style, comfort, and advanced technology. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers exceptional maneuverability and ease of use.
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Advanced joystick control
  • Customizable with different color options
  • Compact for easy storage and transport
  • Full suspension system for a smooth ride
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Top Speed: 5 mph
Driving Range: Up to 11 miles
Turning Radius: 29.9 inches
Overall Weight: 114.5 lbs (with battery)
Battery: Lithium-ion, 25.2V, 10Ah

Whill Model F

The WHILL Model F is lightweight, foldable, maneuverable.

It provides users with the independence to navigate various environments comfortably and safely.
  • Foldable and lightweight for easy transport
  • Intuitive joystick operation
  • Adjustable max speed settings
  • Customizable arm color options
  • Remote lock and unlock feature
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
Top Speed: 3.7 mph
Driving Range: Up to 12.4 miles
Turning Radius: 30.7 inches
Overall Weight: 58.9 lbs (with battery)
Battery: Lithium-ion, 25.3V, 10Ah

BuzzAround Carryon

Golden Technologies
The BuzzAround CarryOn is super portable, lightweight, and will take you where you want to go in comfort and style.
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Disassembles easily for transport
  • Adjustable tiller for personalized comfort
  • Full front and rear lighting package
  • Airline-friendly lithium-ion battery
Weight Capacity:  300 lbs
Top Speed: 3.6 mph
Battery: 15 AH lithium-ion
Driving Range: Up to 18 miles
Turning Radius: 48.75 inches
Overall Weight: 65.5 lbs

Buzzaround LX

Golden Technologies
The Buzzaround LX (Luxury) 3-Wheel Scooter or 4-Wheel scooter is one of the industry’s only “Full-Time” / “All Day” scooters, which is also fully portable for travel.
  • Full-time, all-day use
  • Infinitely adjustable tiller
  • USB charging port
  • Large, plush highback seat
  • Full lighting package
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs lbs
Length: 45″
Width: 22″
Operating Range: 18 miles
Maximum Speed: 5 mph


Golden Technologies
If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor driving experience, look no further than the new Golden Eagle™.

In a class all its own, the Eagle’s stylish yet rugged, off-road design is built for high performance and maneuverability with front and rear suspension for smoothly traversing outdoor terrain and a powerful 140 Amp controller for outstanding climbing ability.
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Length: 39.5″
Width: 24″
Operating Range: 23 miles
Maximum Speed: 8 mph

Zero Turn 8

Pride Mobility
The Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel offers Pride’s tightest maneuverability for a four-wheel mobility scooter. With EZ Turn Technology, you can turn on a dime with a 37.25-inch radius.
  • Patented iTurn Technology® for tight turns
  • Full LED lighting package
  • Dual motors for enhanced traction
  • USB charging port
  • Comfortable swivel seat
Weight Capacity: 325 lbs
Top Speed: 4 mph
Driving Range: Up to 13.1 miles
Turning Radius: 37.25 inches
Overall Weight: 121.2 lbs
Battery: 12V, 22AH
Are you looking for something that you don’t see here? Please be aware that these are not the full line of power scooters and chairs we carry. Call, text, or chat today with any additional questions.

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Interested in trying out our power mobility chairs or scooters in the comfort of your home? We offer an in-home demo to help you make the best choice! Our staff will bring the equipment to you, explain the features, and answer any questions you may have.

Delivery, Set-up & Repair

All delivery, set up, product training and repair services are provided by Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy staff members. We also offer in-house full-service repair by certified technicians for the life of the product!

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1 Year Complimentary Repair Support

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We are proud to offer the most comprehensive power chair and scooter showroom in the area! As an authorized dealer of Golden Technology, Pride Mobility, and Whill, we provide award-winning, FDA-approved Class II medical devices in various styles, colors, and sizes, all backed by lifetime warranties

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Letourneau's is accredited by ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care), ensuring top safety and quality standards for all our home medical equipment.

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Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible experience with us. Whether you have questions, feedback, or suggestions, we are always here to listen and help you in any way we can.


We are proud to carry the widest selection of quality medical products and services in the area. Looking for a custom compounding medication or unique power scooter? We can help get you exactly the care you need.


Not only do we offer white glove delivery, we also offer certified service and repair for the life of your products. Rest assured you'll get the best service and products possible with Letourneau's.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we keep a variety of power chairs and scooters in stock and available for review and purchase any time. An appointment is not required but you’re welcome to make one with our sales staff here. You may select to have your power chair or scooter delivered but many units are travel friendly and you can leave with your purchase the same day!

We are an authorized dealer of Golden Technology, Pride Mobility and Whill, which are the world’s leading award-winning manufacturers of power mobility products.

Obtaining approval from Medicare for power mobility equipment can take a long time, and there are no guarantees. Letourneau’s Pharmacy has therefore opted out of Medicare coverage to allow our clients access to the best power mobility scooters that suit their needs.

Yes! We carry plenty of options for both power chairs and scooters that either fold or disassemble for convenient travel in cars, airplanes and cruises.

Yes, we do offer options of power chairs and mobility scooters in our rental fleet. If you’re not certain a purchase makes the most sense, some customers will try a rental first. If you end up deciding to buy, 50% of your rental expense will be credited towards the cost of a new chair (up to 3 months).

Letourneau’s Pharmacy services all equipment we sell. With one year of complimentary services
provided on all purchases, if you ever experience technical issues, our certified technician team
will get you back up and running quickly!

Most of our customers have our staff deliver their lift chair. The delivery rate is determined by the
mileage from our Andover, MA location, though you are also welcome to pick it up yourself.

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