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An individual working out with iReliev EMS devices attached to the shoulders

iReliev EMS Devices

Shop the best EMS devices from iReliev for either stand-alone pain management or in conjunction with additional treatments, including for warmups and active recovery, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and as supplements to physical therapy routines. Because they are applied topically with safe, low-level electrical pulses that stimulate muscle contraction, EMS devices with TENS assist in speeding up the body’s natural recovery system. iReliev offers medical-grade products with over-the-counter convenience. Letourneau’s Pharmacy is proud to carry the best in EMS devices.

An iRelieve EMS device box with the contents displayed: wires, pads, and controller

What are EMS Devices?

EMS devices, especially with TENS, are increasing in popularity due to their proven ability in reducing a wide variety of chronic pain. EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation, which, like TENS, includes patches through which low-level, pain-free currents of electricity flow to target certain parts of the muscle. This technology simulates and stimulates our body’s own muscle contractions on a micro level to speed up response times in pain management and for repairing muscle tissues.

iReliev EMS devices Offer the Best in Pain Relief and Active Recovery

EMS Devices from iReliev come in a variety of styles and for every budget and every lifestyle. From easily portable and wireless options for life on the go, to more traditional packages with durable wires and patches, our specialists at Letourneau’s Pharmacy can help you find the best EMS device for you!

Outer package of iReliev TENS + EMS devices that include a wireless system with pads, charging cord, and carrying case

In addition to iReliev EMS devices, we also carry an array of gels and replacement parts to keep your investment in pain management going strong. Please speak with any Letourneau’s Pharmacy staff member for advice on how to best care for your EMS + TENS devices.

Your Local Pharmacists and Experts

We invite you to explore the difference in caring expertise at Letourneau’s Pharmacy. As part of the Andover Community since 1926, we see our customers as our neighbors, which is why we strive to provide the best levels of service. In addition to offering the best EMS devices from iReliev and other trusted brands, we offer professional levels of service and selections for everything from medical-grade mobility devices and personal care products to personalized compound medications.

We invite you to call us or text us today!

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