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iReliev compression therapy system products

iReliev Leg & Foot Air Compression Therapy Systems

Explore our line of compression therapy products featuring the simple and effective compression therapy system from iReliev for at-home recovery and relief. Compression therapy is an excellent way to promote active recovery for athletes, as well as provide relief and support for people who are pregnant or suffering from chronic conditions related to blood circulation, such as diabetes and deep vein thrombosis. Speak with our staff today to find the best iReliev compression therapy system for your lifestyle!

An individual with painted toenails stepping into an iReliev compression therapy system

What is Compression Therapy?

iReliev’s compression therapy works by providing over-the-counter relief and support for a variety of conditions. With guidance from a pharmacy expert or other medical professional, compression products can supplement your existing treatment regimen. Compression therapy stimulates blood flow by gently squeezing your leg muscles, thereby improving circulation from your feet, ankles, and legs and back to the rest of your body. This is especially important for those who are more sedentary or with conditions that inhibit blood flow.

Find Your iReliev Compression Therapy Products at Letourneau’s Pharmacy

iReliev’s compression products are designed for ease of access and for a variety of budgets and needs. Speak with our expert team of pharmacy staff to find which product will be most appropriate for your lifestyle and specific needs.

iReliev compression therapy System

iReliev compression products are designed with both at-home relaxation and the endurance athlete in mind. iReliev’s more intensive compression therapy systems provide massage support and are built with breathable and durable material, including bamboo, to promote circulation for your veins and leg muscles and breathability for your skin.

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Since 1926, Letourneau’s Pharmacy has been a cornerstone of the health and well-being of Andover area communities. From compression therapy to power mobility devices to compound medicines, we are proud to deliver medical-grade products and caring, expert knowledge. Visit us or call us today, and experience the difference in neighborly medical care!

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