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Hospital Beds and Tables

At Letourneau’s Pharmacy, we understand that comfort and convenience are paramount when recovering from injuries or illnesses. Our semi-electric hospital beds and tables for home use are available for rent and offer the support and flexibility you need during your healing journey.

Enhancing Comfort and Recovery

Our hospital beds are designed for home use with your comfort in mind. They are easy to use and fully adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect position for rest. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, injury, or illness, our hospital bed rentals provide the support you need.

Mattress Options

We offer a choice of two hospital bed mattresses to suit your preferences. Plus, every rental includes height-adjustable bed rails for added safety and convenience.

Rent Hospital Bed Tables for Added Convenience

Don’t forget to include a hospital bed table with your rental! Whether you need a surface for your laptop or a place for meals and snacks, an adjustable hospital bed table is a convenient rental accessory for your hospital bed.

Medicare Bed Rental Coverage

For Medicare members, it’s important to know that the hospital beds for home use available to rent through Letourneau’s are out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare's coverage has changed since enacting legislation called Competitive Bidding and in order to maintain our level of product and service quality, we have opted out of this category.

Delivery Rates

The cost of your adjustable hospital bed rental includes delivery and pickup within 15 miles of our location in Andover, MA. For locations beyond 15 miles, the following delivery rates apply:

  • 15 - 25 miles: $85 one-time charge (covers drop-off and pick-up)
  • 25 - 35 miles: $120 one-time charge (covers drop-off and pick-up)
  • Beyond 35 miles: $120 plus $3 charge for every mile over 35 miles (one-time charge, covers drop-off and pick-up)

Experience Comfort and Support

Contact us today to reserve your rental. Our experts are here to assist you in finding the right equipment and supplies for your health needs.

Would you rather own your hospital bed? Letourneau’s carries a variety of adjustable hospital beds for purchase.

Schedule a consultation with Letourneau’s to discuss your requirements and receive personalized assistance.

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