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Wheelchairs & Transport Chairs

Wheelchairs and transport chairs can provide a much-needed sense of independence and mobility for people who are unable to walk. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, headed to your grandkid's graduation for the weekend, or planning a getaway, Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy offers a variety of wheelchairs and transport chairs to perfectly accommodate any situation. All of our wheelchairs include swing-away leg rests, and elevating leg rests can be added if needed at no extra charge!

What is the difference between a wheelchair and transport chair?

Wheelchairs have larger wheels on the side of the chair which allow the user to self-propel.  This can provide independence to the individual in the chair and result in an easier push & smoother ride while in the chair; however, because of those wheels the chair is also heavier.  On the other hand, Transport Chairs have 4 smaller wheels so the patient always needs to be pushed but the chair will be much lighter and fold easier for convenient travel!

Which size is right for me?

Transport Chairs

All of our transport chairs come in 19” seat widths with a 300 lbs weight capacity. Because these chairs do not have side panels on the arm rest, most individuals under the weight capacity will fit very comfortably into this size.


For the standard size wheelchairs, the 16” units have a 250 lbs weight capacity and are typically used by only a very petite body type. An 18” wide seat is considered “standard” adult and that chair has a 300 lbs weight capacity. These chairs are the most common size required. A 20” chair will offer a 350 lbs capacity and is the perfect option for an individual who needs a little extra space left to right!

We also offer a more heavy duty, 24” wide wheelchair. These chairs have a 450 lbs capacity and are designed with generous room. Please be aware the total width of this chair while open is 30” so can sometimes be more difficult to maneuver inside a home and through doorways.



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