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Electric Patient Hoyer Lift

Please contact us directly if the rental item is showing out of stock or you need your rental sooner than showing available online, it’s possible we may still be able to accommodate your request!

Determining what Home Medical Equipment items make more sense to rent or buy can be a difficult decision.  Whether health conditions have changed gradually or suddenly, sometimes renting is a good way to meet an immediate need without committing to a purchase.  Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy offers battery-operated Electric Patient Hoyer Lifts to assist families and caretakers in maneuvering patients more conveniently throughout the home environment.

All Electric Patient Hoyer Lifts will require the separate purchase of slings.  LCP keeps different sling sizes and styles in stock and are $139.95.  If the lift will be used in the bathroom for cleaning and toileting, often times a separate sling will be purchased specifically for that use. Contact us today to learn more about our Electric Patient Hoyer Lifts and decide if it’s the right rental to meet your needs.

All Electric Patient Hoyer Lifts are a one-month minimum cost, though weekly rates are available beyond the first month.

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