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Ambulatory Aids

Two rollator devices face each other in the foreground while an elderly couple can be seen toasting with glasses in an outdoor jacuzzi under a blue sky in the background

Maintaining mobility and preventing falls is essential for independence. Letourneau’s offers innovative medical equipment and supplies like walkers and rollators that surpass generic Medicare options. These aids enable you to continue enjoying daily activities while providing peace of mind to your loved ones. Our experienced staff can guide you in identifying the perfect aid for your lifestyle and at-home needs.


Did you know that canes are carried in the hand opposite the weaker side? Do you know how to adjust a cane to the right height for you or your [...]
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The right rollator can be the perfect addition to keeping or regaining independence. At Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy, we understand it isn’t always easy to embrace the idea of using ambulatory [...]
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Transport Chairs

Are you tired of lugging around the same heavy wheelchair? Maybe it’s time to consider a transport chair! At Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy, we will ask the right questions to help [...]
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There are a lot of circumstances that may require use of a walker. You may be temporarily recovering from hip surgery or perhaps mom or dad has fallen once or [...]
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Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy carries a wide selection of wheelchairs at all times! Mobility is one of the most important factors in maintaining independence, and the right wheelchair from LCP will [...]
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