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As defined by the FDA, compounding is the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient. As an ACHC accredited compounding pharmacy, our staff is trained to create safe, effective compounds by working with the patient and their healthcare providers to meet their specific needs. Our family-owned company in Andover, MA has been providing customers with these compounds for over 90 years, giving us the experience, knowledge, and education, you can trust.

Who Can Benefit from Compounds?

Any patient can benefit from a compound when the commercially available version is unable to meet their needs. Whether it’s flavoring medications for young children, compounding to avoid allergens and conform to dietary restrictions, creating dosage forms for veterinary patients, or customizing the strength for patient specific needs, our staff can accommodate almost any prescription. By opting for a custom compound, you will receive the benefits you require from your medication in a form that works best for you personally. We work with your physician to ensure an individualized prescription that is perfect for you. We create compounds for both people and pets, so we can be your go-to pharmacy for the whole family.

Insurance Coverage & Mailing

We are in network with all major insurance companies, and always try to run your insurance prior to filling a prescription. Insurance coverage for compounded prescriptions varies based on the plan and medication. If it is not covered, we do take HSA and FSA cards.

Shipping within the state of Massachusetts is available. Your shipping cost is determined by the weight of the shipment, its destination, and if it requires refrigeration.

Online Prescription Requests:

Prescription Transfer (for new customers)

Prescription Refill (for existing customers)

BHRT Compounded Medications

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Dermatology Compounded Medications

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