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The right rollator can be the perfect addition to keeping or regaining independence. At Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy, we understand it isn’t always easy to embrace the idea of using ambulatory aids like rollators, but our friendly staff of home medical equipment professionals will guide you or a loved one through the process of finding the best mobility solution to meet your goals.

Is the rollator being used indoors, outdoors, or both? Who is loading the rollator in and out of the car for trips out of the house? Will you be using the seat often or only occasionally? Maybe a 3-wheel rollator is the right option for you! At LCP, we know the right questions to ask to make sure you leave with the right rollator to keep you moving safely and confidently through life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We keep a variety of rollators in stock. Whenever possible, we encourage the patient to come in to review our selection so we can make recommendations and proper adjustments, but we can also work with friends or family when necessary.

Yes, we keep petite, standard, and heavy duty rollators in stock. There are a variety of factors that go into selecting the right rollator, and our staff will help guide you through the process of finding the best option for you!

With a prescription and diagnosis, we are able to submit rollators to Medicare for reimbursement. The unit must be paid for in full at the time of sale, and our billing staff will then send the claim to the insurance. Whatever amount is approved by Medicare goes directly back to the patient.

Letourneau’s services all equipment we sell. Over time, most rollators will eventually require brake adjustments or replacement. Feel free to call or text at any time to coordinate any of your repair needs.

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