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Wound Care

Wound Care management at home can be a real challenge. Often a wound may not be healing as hoped, and having the right supplies on hand is critical to help recovery and prevent infection. With your doctor’s oversight, our experienced staff at Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy can assist you with the right tape, dressing or topical product to treat your wound correctly. Looking to order more of the wound care item you received from your physician? Simply bring in or send us a photo of the packaging of the item you need, and we can assist you in getting more.

Introducing Resta Silver Gel by Urgo Medical…

Resta Silver Gel is an antimicrobial topical gel designed to eliminate bacteria and fight infection. If you are treating a wound that is infected or at risk for infection, Resta Silver is a great addition to your treatment plan. An infected wound puts an individual at serious risk for other health complications -- purchase Resta Silver today to help keep things on track!

Frequently Asked Questions

We carry a selection of wound care items in stock. If you are looking for a specific item, please have the Vendor Item Number ready so we can be sure to get you the right product!

Some insurance will contribute towards wound care items, though the selection is typically limited. Feel free to chat with one of our representatives or call/text any time for more information.

Because these items are more specialized, Letourneau’s is limited in the recommendations we are able to make for this category. Beyond basic needs, we will typically refer you back to your physician for all specific questions.

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