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Zeen Movement Device

A triptych of photos showing real people using Zeen chairs with overlaid text that reads: Zeen—sit. stand. go

Mobility is one of the most essential and critical components of our health and well-being. Mobility devices increase independence and allow one to live with dignity. It’s with this commitment to true self-empowerment that the innovators and creators of Zeen mobility chairs and other mobility devices are dedicated to a customer experience that allows every individual to live life to the fullest. 

Zeen is leading the way in providing a new generation of mobility devices. Zeen mobility chairs are designed for ease of use in every aspect, including transporting, storing, and easy maintenance. Zeen’s line of mobility devices is engineered for quality and durability as part of a commitment to accessibility, and it is also why Letourneau’s Pharmacy is proud to carry Zeen movement support products for our community. 

A man rests in a half-sitting, half-standing position on his Zeen chair as he looks out at the ocean

Zeen Mobility Chairs

Zeen’s mobility chairs are designed to provide the greatest amount of freedom with the greatest amount of comfort possible. Understanding the desire of users to move with as much of their own strength and range of motion as possible, the mobility chairs created by Zeen provide a greater number of options. The chairs are offered either as one-handed or two-handed devices, with options for varying heights and methods of adjustability. Work with a Letourneau’s Pharmacy staff member to find the Zeen mobility chair that best suits your needs and your budget. 

A Zeen mobility chair user walks assisted by the chair

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Explore our site for more mobility and therapy solutions. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions as we get you on your way to greater mobility. Due to various individual settings and adjustments required for this device, we strongly advise that you book a consultation for a free demo or contact us today.

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