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Transport Chairs

Are you tired of lugging around the same heavy wheelchair? Maybe it’s time to consider a transport chair! At Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy, we will ask the right questions to help you determine if a transport chair is the right item to help solve your mobility needs!

Do you need a lightweight frame to easily load in and out of the car for doctor’s visits, shopping trips and dinner plans? Or do you want something a little more versatile to comfortably get over grass for backyard cookouts and to watch the grandkids’ soccer games? Whatever your plans, LCP has the right transport chair option for you.

Advantages of a transport chair include

  • Lightweight (18 to 23 lbs)
  • Narrow frame for easier maneuverability
  • Seat and backrest fold for easy storage in trunk or backseat
  • Leg rests to support patient while in use

Will Medicare pay for your transport chair?

Medicare can still have coverage towards the cost of a transport chair but it’s a very different program now than it used to be. With the right medical conditions and paperwork from your physician, Medicare can contribute towards the cost of a rental transport chair but the member is not entitled to a new unit. However, because of the changes Medicare has made, we have opted out of this category. Any transport chair rented or purchased through LCP is an out of pocket expense.

Don’t settle for the Medicare transport chair!

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