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Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy carries a wide selection of wheelchairs at all times! Mobility is one of the most important factors in maintaining independence, and the right wheelchair from LCP will help you or a loved one continue to enjoy every day.  Whether being pushed along by a friend or family member, or maneuvering completely on your own, LCP has the right selection of wheelchairs to keep you moving.

Introducing Strongback Mobility…

LCP has worked closely with Strongback Mobility for several years since their launch out of Georgia. This lightweight wheelchair offers a refreshing change from more traditional wheelchairs both in its design and functionality. With a contemporary look and innovative enhancements, a wheelchair from Strongback Mobility can be the perfect piece of equipment to meet your needs!

Will Medicare pay for your wheelchair?

Medicare can still have coverage towards the cost of a wheelchair but it’s a very different program now than it used to be. With the right medical conditions and paperwork from your physician, Medicare can contribute towards the cost of a rental wheelchair but the member is not entitled to a brand new unit. However, because of the changes Medicare has made, we have opted out of this category. Any transport chair rented or purchased through LCP is an out of pocket expense.

Don’t settle for the Medicare wheelchair!


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