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Power Mobility Scooters & Chairs for Rent

Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy offers both power mobility scooter and power chair rentals. Whether it’s for a special trip, recovery from surgery, or to “test drive” before buying, we have several options designed to meet your needs. All of our power mobility rentals are designed to disassemble for easier transportation.  

Did you know…?

Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy offers a 50% rental credit towards the purchase of a brand-new power mobility scooter or chair (maximum 3 months credit). If you’ve realized it makes more sense to purchase than rent, we’ll credit 50% of your rental expense towards a new scooter or chair. You can select the same model you’ve been renting, and you’re welcome to make a change, too!  

Rental Rates

Power Scooter: $180.00 per week, $500.00 per month

Power Chair: $180.00 per week, $500.00 per month

Whill C2 Power Chair: $220.00 per week, $600.00 per month


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