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iReliev Heating Pads

An iReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad with stones and mesh, along with a cord and control

There are many topical, over-the-counter forms of pain relief and relaxation, and one of the most tried-and-true solutions is the heating pad. iReliev’s heating pads bring innovation and medical-grade quality to the home, office, car, and on the go. iReliev’s line of heating pads includes weighted heating pads, far infrared therapy, and ultra-soft microfiber for ultimate comfort. Products are easily washable and include controls for your convenience and customization. Explore your options with Letourneau’s Pharmacy!

Weighted Heating or Far Infrared Pads?

iReliev heating pads are investments in optimal comfort, aiding in muscle recovery and pain management. The differences in design are largely based on personal preferences and needs. iReliev’s weighted heating pads are especially great options for those seeking to manage stress and anxiety and experience relaxation and the comfort of light pressure for aches and stiffness.

iReliev’s far infrared heating pads work by sending small infrared waves into the body that aid in stimulating blood flow. Also of interest, the far infrared pads from iReliev include jade and tourmaline stones that help release negative ions and provide even more comfort.

A tote bag for iReliev heating pads with the company logo

Putting—and Taking—your iReliev Heating Pads to Work

Relaxation and recovery can be serious work! With iReliev’s line of heating pads, you can ensure that whenever you need relief for your pain or for stress, you can get it at the touch of a button. Designed for portability and versatility, all iReliev heating pads come with portable totes, as well as lightweight remotes and power cords. And because your heating pad should be stress-relieving, all material is easily washable and durable.

A person using a weighted heating pad from iReliev

To determine which iReliev heating pad is best for your lifestyle, consult with an expert at Letourneau’s Pharmacy. We look forward to seeing you!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacists

In addition to carrying iReliev heating pads and other pain management tools, Letourneau’s has been providing our neighbors with expert care and service since 1926. Generations of community members trust us for home medical equipment sales and rentals, expert advice on power mobility devices, and in-house compounded medications. Call or visit us today!

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