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An iReliev TENS unit and accessories

iReliev TENS Devices

iReliev offers some of the best TENS devices on the market today, providing non-pharmaceutical methods for effective pain relief. At Letourneau’s Pharmacy, we are proud to offer these trusted pain management devices and provide more therapy care options for our community. Our trusted pharmacy experts will help you choose the right product for you and offer guidance on how to use your TENS devices safely and for maximum benefit. Read more about iReliev TENS and how it can fit your pain management regimen.

What are iReliev TENS Units?

TENS stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.”

iReliev TENS devices are medical-grade tools with electrodes that deliver low-voltage electrical impulses through the skin to stimulate nerve cells that block pain signals. The electrical current also raises the level of endorphins in your body, promoting pain relief. 

By gently switching off or rerouting our bodies’ natural pathways, TENS devices provide quick relief directly at the source and can help soothe and relax overworked muscles. Best of all, because iReliev TENS units are used topically, they are great therapeutic alternatives to oral pain medication.

An iRelieve TENS Pain Relief System box and its contents

Adding iReliev TENS Devices to Your Care Management

iReliev TENS units come with a variety of different sizes of electrode pads that are applied directly to your skin. Connected either wirelessly or with small but sturdy and flexible leads, the device helps you control and monitor the level and duration of electrical pulses. 

Outer packaging and pucks for the iReliev Therapeutic Wearable

Our wide range of iReliev therapy care products includes accessories for iReliev TENS units. Speak with our friendly staff for replacement pads and lead wires, conductive gel, carrying cases, adapters, and more.

Your Local Pharmacists and Experts

Letourneau’s Pharmacy has served as a beloved local Andover community healthcare team since 1926. From the best TENS and EMS devices to compound medications, power mobility devices, and more, we strive to offer the most cutting-edge products for enhancing your quality of life. If you would like assistance finding the iReliev TENS unit for you, please feel free to call us or text us today!

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