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Metagenics is a premier vitamin, supplement, and nutritional product line available only through healthcare professionals. After careful research, Letourneau’s Pharmacy selected Metagenics as the line of supplements we want to provide to our patients due to their transparency and high-quality standards.

Metagenics’ Research and Development team works with various institutions to better understand and innovate new products to provide the most effective supplements available. They offer webinars and resources for patients and healthcare providers to learn what supplements could serve them best. Most importantly to LCP, they only use high quality, tested ingredients in their products.

As you may know, supplements and vitamins are not regulated under the same quality standards as prescription drugs. Metagenics takes it upon themselves to set high quality and efficacy standards for their products. The Metagenics team has strict guidelines for sourcing their ingredients and require a certificate of analysis for each ingredient they purchase. Additionally, they test each ingredient themselves for purity, quality, and consistency.  They also test their finished products and provide access to their test results.

Although we do not carry the entire Metagenics line in store, you have access to their full formulary though the Letourneau’s Pharmacy and Metagenics website at https://letourneauspharmacy.metagenics.com/.



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