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Standard Hospital Bed (Therapeutic Foam Mattress)

Please contact us directly if the rental item is showing out of stock or you need your rental sooner than showing available online, it’s possible we may still be able to accommodate your request!

Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy offers 2 different hospital bed rental options and the difference between them is the mattress you receive.  Both rentals will come on semi-electric hospital bed frames which means the head of the bed and the legs of the bed are adjustable with your hand control and the overall height of the frame is adjusted manually with a crank at the base.

Don’t forget to add a hospital bed table to your rental!  Whether you still need to fire up the laptop for work, plan to keep up on your latest Netflix show, or just want a surface to rest a plate of food, a hospital bed table is a convenient compliment to your bed rental.

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