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At Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy our staff of pharmacists and technicians are available to provide you and your loved ones with the quality products and service you deserve. We understand that navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming and at LCP it’s our goal to be a breath of fresh air during what may be a very challenging time. Whether you’re picking up a compounded prescription, receiving a vaccine, or have questions about probiotics, our team of professionals aim to serve you with care and expertise.

Please never hesitate to contact us with questions regarding any of our pharmacy products or services! You can chat, text, or call and one of our pharmacy staff members will be glad to help in any way we can.


As defined by the FDA, compounding is the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient. As an ACHC accredited compounding pharmacy, our staff is trained to create safe, effective compounds by working with the patient and their healthcare providers to meet their specific needs. Our family-owned company in Andover, MA has been providing customers with these compounds for over 90 years, giving us the experience, knowledge, and education, you can trust.

Who Can Benefit from Compounds?

Any patient can benefit from a compound when the commercially available version is unable to meet their needs. Whether it’s flavoring medications for young children, compounding to avoid allergens and conform to dietary restrictions, creating dosage forms for veterinary patients, or customizing the strength for patient specific needs, our staff can accommodate almost any prescription. By opting for a custom compound, you will receive the benefits you require from your medication in a form that works best for you personally. We work with your physician to ensure an individualized prescription that is perfect for you. We create compounds for both people and pets, so we can be your go-to pharmacy for the whole family. Insurance Coverage & Mailing We are in network with all major insurance companies, and always try to run your insurance prior to filling a prescription. Insurance coverage for compounded prescriptions varies based on the plan and medication. If it is not covered, we do take HSA and FSA cards. Shipping within the state of Massachusetts is available. Your shipping cost is determined by the weight of the shipment, its destination, and if it requires refrigeration.

Online Prescription Requests:

Prescription Transfer (for new customers) Prescription Refill (for existing customers)

It's Vaccine Season!

Letourneau's Pharmacy offers walk-in vaccines only without a prescription, from Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm. We are able to administer all standard vaccinations to adults, and the influenza vaccine to children age 9 and up, and the COVID-19 booster to children 12+. Let us help you prepare for a healthy and happy fall season!

The FDA authorized an updated COVID-19 vaccine, and the CDC now recommends everyone 6 months and older get an updated COVID-19 vaccine to protect against the potentially serious outcomes of COVID-19 illness this fall and winter.

Letourneau's is proud to provide the following vaccines. This is the first fall and winter virus season where vaccines are available for the three viruses responsible for most hospitalizations – COVID-19, RSV, and flu.

For over 90 years the staff at Letourneau’s has provided the excellent customer service needed to keep the community healthy, not only through our custom compounding services, but also through the region’s most comprehensive vaccination service. Letourneau’s Compounding Pharmacy was one of the first pharmacy-based immunization facilities in the state of Massachusetts! For faster service, please fill out the forms below before you arrive: HIPAA Card (all new patients) Immunization Consent Form (all vaccines other than flu & COVID) Influenza Immunization Consent Form (flu shot only) COVID-19 Consent Form (Covid booster only) Please find more information on each vaccine from the CDC here:

Shingrix (Shingles)

Prevnar 13 (Pneumonia)

Pneumovax 23 (Pneumonia)

Seasonal Flu


Moderna EUA

PFizer EUA

For more information regarding the vaccines we offer, pricing and insurance information, contact us today!

Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that your body needs to function properly. They help your body to grow and develop, fight off infection, produce energy, and maintain a healthy weight. Most people can get the vitamins and minerals they need from a healthy diet. However, some people may not get enough of certain nutrients, either because they don't eat a variety of foods or because they have a medical condition that affects their absorption of nutrients. Taking vitamins and supplements can be a great way to improve your health and well-being. If you think you may not be getting enough of certain vitamins or minerals, you may want to talk to your doctor about taking supplements. We offer the Metagenics line of vitamins and supplements available for purchase through our website. Once you and your doctor decide what supplements are best for you, here are some tips for getting the most out of your vitamins and supplements:
  • Most supplement should be taken with food so your body can absorb them effectively.
  • Store them in a cool dry place, away from heat and light
  • Only take the recommended dose – more is not better!


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